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Forest Establishment, Tending
and Harvesting

IFS Forest Operations has successfully managed the establishment of over 15,000 hectares of forest. We are justifiability proud of our ability to develop large-scale forestry projects.

Once established, cost-effective silviculture, or integrated forest management, largely determines the on-going success of a forestry investment. At maturity, IFS Forest Operations helps clients harvest and market their forest investments to obtain the best returns available.


Carbon Consulting and Carbon
Credit Trading

IFS Carbon provides expert and trusted advice on the developing carbon markets and helps clients participate successfully in the new trading system. Carbon investment is a very different model of investment, which sees owners gain a return without felling, shipping or selling their forests.


IFS Growth have over 30 years experience in Forestry, Forestry Investment, Consulting and Management

Investors are increasingly looking at forestry as a prudent investment option. IFS Growth offers investors, owners and potential clients a full range of forestry services to make the process as easy as possible. IFS Growth can also help investors buy or invest in existing forest blocks.

In addition, IFS Growth offers comprehensive consulting services to the owners of new or existing forests, as well as a comprehensive mapping service for forests of all sizes, from small farm woodlots through to large industrial production forests.


Contact us NOW to find out where you stand on the NZ-ETS Rules and whether your land is eligible under Pre-1990 Compensation

IFS Carbon manages carbon forestry projects from inception through to the brokerage of carbon credits. Register with IFS Carbon to receive a FREE assessment of the value of your forest carbon.


Redwoods grow faster in New Zealand
than in California

Redwoods thrive in the New Zealand soil and climate, growing faster here than they do in California. This makes them a species with great potential for New Zealand, their huge size and enormous carbon benefits further adding to their value.

New Zealand offers greater flexibility around establishing, managing and harvesting forests. Many consider New Zealand to be the single, most significant alternative growing location for Redwoods in the world.