New Zealand’s best little forestry business. 

IFS GROWTH: Innovative Forestry Specialists 

Grow your living breathing investment

We know trees. We understand the business of forestry. Growth by name; growth by nature. IFS Growth is the leading light in profitable, sustainable and safe forestry. Say hello to New Zealand’s best little forestry company. 

Our clients 

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes. From landowners to professional fund managers and investors. Large and small operations; local and global enterprises. 

Our story

It’s firmly rooted in New Zealand’s deep South. Remember the 80’s? Farming was tough. Cheese rolls and Speights were on the menu. Keen young southern man Dan Minehan needed a job. He threw his tools on the back of his ute, grabbed a few mates, and headed out to prune pine trees for local Southland farmers. Thirty years on and 1000’s of trees later Dan’s business is all grown up. 

Smart forestry

Today IFS Growth is fuelled by professional expertise, innovative thinking and modern technology. We’ve expanded from our Southland roots, adding more regional and virtual offices throughout the land. We deliver smart forestry solutions. 



Harness IFS Growth’s industry expertise today.

Proven industry performance developed over three decades. 

Established and project managed over 120,000 ha of forests throughout Australasia. 

Harvested, purchased and sold over 65 million tonnes of logs. 

Leaders in prioritising EH&S – early adopters of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification in 1997.  




Connected dealmakers – strategic to the core. 

Developed strong local focus, worldwide market knowledge and extensive connections. 

Negotiated commercial transactions to value of NZ $2 billion. 

Established and project managed substantial Redwood ventures for  international investors. 

Facilitated significant NZ carbon forestry transactions with European government purchasers.  

Key Capabilities

  • Investing for you; find the right asset, complete all due diligence, negotiate and complete the purchase.
  • Management and auditing of Environmental and Health and Safety systems both internally and externally.
  • Forest management for all types of forest owners; large and small.
  • Management and planning of forest roading operations.
  • Management of harvest contractors to ensure return to forest owner is optimised.
  • Management of woodflows and sale allocation to optimise grade recovery.
  • Financial and spatial reporting on the performance of the estate.
  • GIS Mapping service using the latest equipment and software.
  • Resource modelling to ensure harvest levels and woodflows are optimised.
  • Due diligence and pre purchase assessment services.
  • Harvest marketing strategy and management.
  • Risk management, including fire, health and safety and the environment.
  • Expert tending and forest maintenance for the life of the forest.
  • Land procurement and evaluation of site and performance.
  • Resource consent and Overseas Investment Office advice.
  • Carbon strategies, consultancy, management and brokering.
  • Understanding the unique requirements of Local Government Authorities.