Innovative Forest Management Consultancy

IFS Growth – leaders in the business of sustainable, profitable, safe forestry.

End-to-End Management

We manage forestry enterprises for clients. Growing value from start to finish. Let us step into your shoes. We run your investment as if it was our own. For your maximum returns.

One-Off Advice

Take guesswork out of your forestry equation. We specialise in one-off consultations before and during all stages of your venture. Make the most of your asset today.

Areas of Expertise

Grow your living, breathing investment. IFS Growth has over 30 years experience in Forestry:
Investment, Consulting, Management, and Harvesting & Marketing.


Diversify your investment portfolio into forestry. Talk to us before you invest. We know the game. Capitalise on our hands-on expertise, industry know-how, and solid financial modelling. Get ready to grow your returns.


Industry best practice is at the forefront of our daily forestry operations. We advise, plan and execute your entire forestry enterprise from beginning to end. We are leaders in environmental health & safety management.


De-mystify the complexities of forestry and carbon accounting with our specialist advice at your fingertips. We advise landowners and investors on all forestry, land, and carbon matters.

Harvesting & Marketing

Plan ahead. Power up your returns at harvest time with IFS Growth’s streamlined harvesting expertise. Join the collective force and reap the sales & marketing rewards of OneForest.

Latest Information

Keep up with the latest industry news, publications and legislation.

Raising the Bar in Forestry

Tim Garlick and Hamish Anderson from IFS Growth Ltd and its harvesting brand, One Forest, both agree the NES-PF will lift standards.


Scholarship Programme

We nurture emerging foresters with our Scholarship programme