Maximise the value of your living breathing investment.

Maximise the value of your living breathing investment. IFS Growth offers a full forest consultancy service. We advise clients on one-off issues, and ongoing, throughout the lifecycle of a forestry investment.

Our unique bird’s eye view of industry, use of the latest technology and tools, gives us access to a wealth of current data, statistics and insights. Harness our in-depth regional expertise and comprehensive industry experience to get the best results for your project.

Due Diligence

Knowledge is power. Our team conducts due diligence for all all types of forestry, logging and lumber processing matters.

Feasibility Studies

We specialise in feasibility studies for activity throughout the forestry chain. Get the comprehensive analysis you need. Before you commit we can assess a potential forestry site or get a plantation assessment. Maybe you want help understand whether the “One Billion Trees” initiative will work for you. Or we can assess the full financial or economic feasibility of a project.

Get the right information you need with our team’s solid hands-on experience, access to cutting edge technology, and in- depth knowledge.

Forest Valuation

IFS Growth offers an extensive valuation service, for forestry projects of all shapes and sizes, from small woodlots to expansive commercial forests. With our dedicated expertise, access to accurate data, technology and capability, we produce accurate valuations you can rely on. Talk to our experts to assess the level of detail you require for your project:

Forest Appraisal

A simple check to update the appraisal value of your woodlot.

Desktop Forest Valuation

A more detailed valuation. Ideal to understand the value of a forest estate. Often used for early due diligence on a potential sale and purchase of a forestry investment, or for insurance purposes.

Full Forest Valuation

This complete report meets NZIF Valuation standards and provides a comprehensive level of detail for clients. Choose this valuation, for financial reporting, lending applications, or final due diligence on the sale and purchase of a forest estate.

Woodlot Forestry

IFS Growth is here to help you gather and interpret accurate information about the quality and nature of your forest estate. Making the right decisions at the right time over the duration is key to getting the best returns on your investment. We can provide you the vital data required to inform your planning and decision-making.  This includes:

  • Ensuring your forest is tending on time and providing you a schedule of operations
  • Providing forest valuations for insurance purposes, sale or compensation for loss
  • Estimating harvest yields and grade for harvest planning
  • Planning (and implementing) the earthworks required to harvest your forest successfully for maximum return
  • Providing options for the harvesting and marketing of your forest to maximise returns
  • Planning for environmental compliance and attaining resource consents

Harvest Planning and Engineering

Preparation is key to ensure the best possible harvest returns. IFS Growth’s accurate planning and forestry engineering is essential to ensure you maximise the return from your forest.  IFS Growth can provide you harvest planning options (which should be undertaken 2-3 years before harvest) and then organize for the earthworks required to be put in.